What others are saying

“I have the pleasure of sharing many patients with Michelle. This has been a great experience for both me and my patients. Since Michelle and I confer about our patient's progress, they feel supported by both of us being able to communicate about their health. Patients report back saying that they feel understood and respected and appreciate being recipients of a treatment team that looks out for them. We have also provided a case presentation to the Fairview Medical Staff on the benefits of having a collaborative model and why it enhances healing .” Ed Weiner, M.D. – Great Barrington, MA.

“It has been eye opening how effective acupuncture is for our patients. Used in conjunction with our other services we have seen chronic and acute issues such as pain, anxiety, IBS, low fertility, and skin conditions improve dramatically. Michelle is always attentive to our patient’s needs and treats them with the utmost respect and compassion.” Ilana Steinhauer, FNP-BC. Clinical Care Coordinator, Volunteers in Medicine, Berkshires – Great Barrington, MA

“Over my 30 years of practice I have found that chiropractic care along with acupuncture treatment to be a powerful combination in not only alleviating pain but in helping people reach their personal goals of optimal health and wellness. In addition to acupuncture, Michelle Manto adds other priceless ingredients that create the space and opportunity for deep healing. Her compassion, heart and complete dedication to health and healing is invaluable. I refer patients to Michelle because I have the utmost confidence they will be taken care of with respect and a depth of knowledge and expertise that will gently propel them forward in their personal journey toward health and wellness.” Larry Bronstein, D.C – Great Barrington, MA

Michelle Manto

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